DGRMA – custom solutions to reposition Dangerous Goods, HAZMAT. Includes packaging, SDS creation, labeling, placarding according to ADR, TDG, IATA, IMDG, 49 CFR

DGRMA – In a quandary to ship dangerous goods by sea? Let DGVFF help you consolidate your loads correctly and quickly. Compliant to ADR, TDG, IATA, IMDG, DOT 49 CRF.

In our opinion, the movement of Dangerous Goods is the most tedious when distribution companies have to reposition dangerous goods.


The answer is simple. When manufacturers ship Dangerous Goods, they normally have a solid foundation when it comes to the knowledge about the products and rules required to transport the products. If the goods when directly from the manufacturer to the end – user, it would be a trivial matter. In reality, goods have a multitude of stops before it gets to the final destination. At each stop, the confidence and the knowledge about the Dangerous Goods, decreases. If the units are repackaged into alternate packaging, or consolidated with other Danger Goods, placarding changes, exemptions ally and if the goods are repackaged into other than the original packaging the packaging has to meet the rules of transport.

If the goods are re-packaged, then attention must be paid to the rules regarding the packaging instruction posted by transport Canada. Declarations must clearly state the product, its Net DG weight, its package type, as well as any exemptions claimed if the packaging requirement is not met.

Majority of the distribution companies don’t ship Dangerous Goods often enough and they need assistance when it comes to repackaging and re-doing the declarations. Many companies just need to ship one item, and don’t want to keep special staff managing the repositioning of the Dangerous Goods.

Ideabytes® creates a turnkey solution that customizes the packaging process, the declaration process, the training process and the repositioning process for any dangerous goods. Our solutions are highly performant, and can include packaging, SDS creation, Declarations, Segregation all based on the customers requirement.

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