Safety Data Sheets - an integral part of WHMIS compliance and mandatory for shipping any Dangerous Goods / HAZMAT

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In alignment with the Global Harmonized System, GHS, the standardization of the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) is the most invaluable document in an emergency. Why? It gives first responders the information necessary to handle a HAZMAT accident, whether it is big or small.

In an emergency, adrenalin is pumping, the heart is pumping and emotions are pumping. Searching for critical information in an emergency is difficult, even where information on a regulation based SDS. From our experience with daily operations, we have seen numerous documents that are:

1) In urgent need of an update
2) The classification of the hazard is questionable
3) The technical names of N.O.S need to be updated for accuracy

In the transportation world, the SDS is a valuable tool in the proof of classification, and in some countries the shipper must store it for a period of 5 years after the shipment enters the supply chain. Identification of the hazardous materials is the most important item in an emergency.

With the DGSDS™ service from Ideabytes®, a team of chemists headed by Scientists holding Doctorates in Chemistry are available to ensure that the SDS is accurate. While it is understood why many companies are reluctant to divulge all the information in an SDS, a well written SDS provides them the security of maintaining their formula secrecy and yet giving first responders enough information to handle an emergency.

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