DGSMS – Web based online solution to placard LTL loads, includes segregation for TDG, DOT 49 CFR

DGSMS – Web based online solution to placard LTL loads, includes segregation for TDG, DOT 49 CFR. Over 1 million loads processed by engine. Simple, fast, interfaces to Mobile application, transaction tracking for 2 years.

Placard Calculator

LTL carriers face a challenge – when to placard and when not to. What is the optimal placarding? Incorrect placarding will draw an infraction and possibly out of service violations. Simply means the driver does not make any money, the trucking company doesn’t make any money.

Our solution has been in the field for the last 18 months and has processed over a million HAZMAT loads without a single error or downtime. It is a testimonial to the architecture and robustness of the solution.

One HAZMAT Director commented – from an average of 4 cross-dock situations a day, it is now 2 or 3 cross dock situations a month. The dock supervisors are trusting the DGSMS® solution and the cross dock scenarios are becoming a forgotten memory.

Built on a SaaS ( software as a solution) platform, it is accessible from any web browser anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. The interface is simple and most learn it in less than 15 minutes. Our interface is in English, French and Spanish. Other languages are available upon request. Built on the latest technology it easily integrates into ERP systems, SAP being the latest one evaluated.

DGSMS® is part of a suite that is interconnected. Not a one trick pony. Using our solutions, rest assured we have all aspects of DG transportation covered.

The biggest challenge one faces as a trucker is the incomplete documentation a shipper provides. Our customers can give DGDOX™ to their customers, which then provide quality documentation that can be transferred to DGSMS® electronically. No need to re-enter data!

Available for TDG, DOT 49-CFR, ADR coming in the Fall of 2016.

Try it for free with no obligation.

To all the inspectors – DGSMS® is available at no charge.

Visit http://inspector.dgsmsusa.com and sign up for DOT-49 CFR
http://inspector.dgsms.ca and sign up for TDG

Registration requires a government email id

Qualified trainers also may use it as part of their course for free. Contact ussupport@dgsms.ca to get your own portal.


  • SaaS application – Works via web browser. No new hardware needed. Quick set-up.
  • Pay-as-you-Go or Annual licence.
  • Sales person HAZMAT validator, ensures that company booking transport provides a compliant shipment. Details – may be printed and sent to shipper and dispatcher.
  • ERAP situations quickly identified and validated. RQ identified and amounts listed for UN Numbers.
  • Dispatcher can Plan mixed loads of HAZMAT/ Dangerous Goods with correct placarding.
  • Dispatcher Print manifest, with placard & ERG data for driver.
  • Transfer manifest electronically to Dgmobi™.
  • Services Canada and US.
  • Interface available in English, French and Spanish.
  • All transactions automatically stored in soft format for 2 years.
  • On-line DG training available
  • In event of a court appearance for deemed incorrect placarding while using SaaS Placard calculator, DG expert will testify to accuracy in court at no professional fee. Transport and accommodation charged at cost+15%.
  • Transport Canada, / D.O.T 49 CFR compliant
  • Software analyzes the HAZMAT loads to be placed on the truck, matches the rules defined by Transport Canada / D.O.T 49 CFR. and determines the placarding necessary.
  • Staff with DG training across the organization can use the tool to decide on Placarding quickly and with the same answer time after time.
  • TC / D.O.T. rule updates are quickly added to ensure a quick turn-around to ensure compliance.
  • Placards calculator for trucks

Products Available

DGSMS® 1000 – compliant to TDG

DGSMS® 1010 – compliant to DOT 49 CFR

Visit our DGDOX™ tab for more information on Declaration for IATA, IMDG, TDG, DOT 49 CFR
DGVFF™ tab for more information on segregation loads for IMDG shipments
DGRMA™ tab for more information on how to build custom workflows for your environment

Online reference from Regulatory Authority

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