Cost Effective Packaging consultation and solutions compliant to TDG, IATA, IMDG, DOT 49 CFR, ADR

Packaging used to protect a product has a short life, from the manufacturing floor to the premises of the end user, and then it ends up in the recycling bin. In most cases, the lowest cost packaging is seeked out, and generally the mode of transport is assumed to be Universal.

Not so with dangerous goods. Hazardous materials are regulated and each of the approx. 3200 articles and substances defined as dangerous by the United Nations are subject to standardized packaging requirements that are compatible with their contents and can withstand the normal conditions of transport without fail. For a product that has to be transported by Air, Sea, Road and Rail, the conditions normal to each mode of transport must be considered when selecting a compliant and universal packaging process. However, if during the product planning phase, the standardized packaging selection is not taken into consideration, it limits the movement of the goods to market in a marketplace that demands seamless and reliable service.

Yes, dangerous goods approved packaging is expensive, between 20 to a 100 times more expensive than standard packaging. However, the regulations for Air, Sea, Road and Rail transport, have provisions and in certain special cases can provide relief in the use of approved packaging without compromising safety or compliance.

Our solutions include finding the best fit packaging given a product that is already in production to consulting in the selection of universally approved multimodal means of containment. Our experts have been in the industry for more than 15 years – just transporting Dangerous Goods, and to their credit they have never had an accident or incident.

If you have second thoughts about packaging selection or you would like to know what compliant options are available, contact us. We will help you get you the most effective fully compliant packaging at the lowest possible cost.

Online reference from Regulatory Authority

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