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HAZMAT transport solution
Need a hand in HAZMAT hauling automation? Ideabytes Is ready to assist your company by designing a turnkey solution that customizes the packaging process, the declaration compilation, employee training and the repositioning process for any dangerous goods. Comprehensive DGRMA™ may improve your KPIs:

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DGRMA™ Benefits
IATA, IMDG, TDG, 49 CFR supported

DGRMA™ solutions will help your organization implement any HAZMAT regulations with ease and confidence
Web- based solution for any device

Works on any standard web browser, and device that supports a web browser
Seamless Integration with ERP Systems

Can be integrated into any ERP (including SAP) system without bugs or lags
Cloud based record keeping

All the transactions on DGRMA™ are maintained in the cloud long as the DGRMA™ is valid
Comprehensive Solution

With DGRMA™ You get Your own private portal which we can only access with authorization.
Unlimited customisation and Privacy

With DGDOX™ Every company gets their private portal which we can only access with authorization.
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