Secure your Sea Shipments
with Unbeatable Compliance
Indicate HAZMAT
Enter UN numbers and quantities of the units into DGVFF
a Shipment
DGVFF can support all sorts of shipments: HAZMAT, non-Hazmat, Combined
Get always
Compliant Segregation
Unbeatable accuracy in IMDG segregation Regulations, maximum economy with optimal load

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Inside DGVFF
Latest IMDG standards supported

DGVFF™ supports latest IMDG regulatory documents, making sure you do not miss any boat
Web- based solution for any device

Works on any standard web browser, and device that supports a web browser
Optimal segregation for single and multiple containers

Segregates any amount of cargo into optimal amount of containers
Cloud based record keeping

All the transactions on DGVFF™ are maintained in the cloud for 5 years as long as the DGVFF™ is valid
Transfer of Data from DGSMS™ and DGDOX™

Part of a suite, DGVFF™ is grounded in SaaS architecture and interconnects with DGSMS™ and DGDOX™ – making data transfer electronic and efficient
Unlimited customisation and Privacy

With DGVFF™ Every company gets their private portal which we can only access with authorization
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