HAZMAT Compliance Simplified

Dangerous Goods Safety Management Software solutions SaaS (web), IoT Mobile Technology Trucks, Ships, Passenger/Cargo Aircraft
HAZMAT Container Verification Per IMDG- Placards, Segregation Dangerous Goods, HAZMT Declartion creator for TDG, IMDG, IATA, DOT 49 CFR Dangerous Goods/HAZMAT Placard Calculator TDG 49-CFR - SaaS based web solution ideal for LTL and Bulk transport Dangerous Goods/HAZMAT Placard calculator Android Mobiles TDG 49-CFR for LTL and Bulk transport LTC IMDG Segregator for Shippers, 3PL's, Stevedores and Carriers. Verify 50 DG loads < 17 seconds Custom solutions to re-position Dangerous Goods, HAZMAT for TDG, IATA. IMDG, DOT 49 CFR
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DG Safety Management Solutions

Ideabytes® transportation division provides SaaS (web based) and mobile Software solutions to assist in the transportation of HAZMAT/DG’s compliant to TDG, 49CFR, DOT, IATA, IMDG (by air, sea and road).

We assist in designing optimum package for HAZMAT/DG transport, review, create safety and data sheets, create HAZMAT/DG declarations, calculate placards for LTL loads, segregate LTC IMDG loads and design solutions to reposition HAZMAT/DG

With a proven track record of millions of HAZMAT loads processed by our servers since 2015, the solution set is a must for any company involved in the transportation of HAZMAT. Our state of the art software integrates seamlessly with ERP systems like SAP.

Our declarations and manifests include a Qr code that carries a link to all the data on it so that our mobile scanner ScioTy can transfer information from the printed document to a software application for free. This method provides an alternative to EDI which is expensive and takes time to setup IoT technology is the backbone of the scanner and the personalization of complex regulations.

Our commitment is to the protection of people, environment, and workers, while transporting HAZMAT. To this effect we provide DGDOX, the documentation software.

Transporting HAZMAT is profitable, we provide the tools to make it happen!

HAZMAT Suppliers and Consultants

Whilst many of these providers are not subject to DGSMS® authorization, their functions are important to achieving the safe carriage of HAZMAT. DGSMS® has developed a list of HAZMAT equipment and service providers relating to the air-transport of HAZMAT.

HAZMAT training Video Tutorial Classes

HAZMAT Safety Management Solutions develops custom training solutions designed to provide engineered courses to improve the handling and shipping of HAZMAT compliant to IMDG, IATA, DOT 49 CFR, TDG and ADR(Coming Soon) regulations.
HAZMAT Safety Management Solutions offer specialist industry support DGSOS ( HAZMAT safety management services) and can provide you with the following services:

Material and hazard identification
Storage and handling solutions
Safety case/report preparation
Placarding guidance
Manifest preparation
Community consultation facilitation
Risk management and assessment processes
Emergency response planning
Workforce induction and education services
Compliance audits and reviews.

HAZMAT Shipping Software

DGSMS® utilizes top down oversight of domestic and international regulations to assist our clients in ensuring regulatory compliance and reducing time and labour costs in the preparation of HAZMAT transportation. Our solutions are SELF-CHECKING. The software system is an end to end multi-modal solution built with the latest IoT and Cloud Technologies, making it easy to integrate to ERP systems – like SAP. DGSMS® is designed to work with each of the regulations sets (DOT 49CFR, TDG, IMDG, IATA). So, no matter what you need to manage, DGSMS® will keep you, your employees, and environment safe and compliant with the applicable regulations.

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